Developmental Design

Developmental Design (DD) transforms leaders, teams and organizations (LTO's) to be radically collaborative and high performing through:

  1. Coaching

  2. Team Development

  3. Leadership Training Intensives

We specialize in leadership coaching and organizational culture transformation, especially in the context of diversity and inclusion efforts.

Our services are a synergy of the following theories and practices:


Uniquely Applies Design Thinking to Team Dynamics

Design thinking is a process through which teams embrace experimentation through rapid learning and prototyping cycles, thereby robustly increasing the ability to make quick and effective adaptations to an increasingly changing and complex environment.


Leverages Developmental Psychology

Cutting edge adult developmental psychology research and practices provide a blue print to synergize work with developmental interventions tailored to catalyze individual growth and team flow dynamics.

Approaches Diversity and Inclusion from the Inside-Out

Diversity and inclusion is a keystone to cultural transformation in DD. It is a radical call to embrace difference.  It means learning to engage the creative friction of our diversity to forge robust cultures of belonging for radical collaboration and performance. 


Delivered through Leadership Coaching and Group Facilitation

Leadership coaching and Integral Facilitation brings together design thinking, developmental psychology and diversity work to catalyze transformation in your leaders, teams, and organizational cultures.  

D.D. PROCESS for Org Culture Transformation


Empathize and Define: We study and map your leadership, teams and organization (LTO's) to define limiting processes, pain points, and key areas for improved teaming and people-centered development. 


Ideate and Prototype: We help you create a prototype "space" in your active work environment where leaders and teams can safely practice new forms of leaderships and team dynamics to up-level business performance. 

Key developmental characteristics of LTO's we work with:

  • Clearer vision, mission and strategy alignment

  • Deeper psychological safety

  • Openness and ability to directly engage and integrate peer feedback

  • Greater awareness and use of power dynamics

  • Nimbleness in working with fear and unconscious bias

  • Supportive structures for individual members to overcome resistance to change

  • A rich learning environment for individual and organizational development


Test and Scale: We design and implement assessments to measure impact of new team dynamics and processes on business performance and the new resulting culture. To share these learnings across the organization we help you design tailored and scaleable tools to disseminate.