Leadership & Executive Coaching

Through leadership & executive coaching, we support our clients in having greater capacity to execute and support others through the intricacies of their business challenges and opportunities. 

Our clients often are under stress that erodes their capacities to lead. For example, they may be stretched as they tirelessly work to meet stakeholder expectations, while being responsible for cultivating a culture of growth and belonging for their employees. Sometimes our clients express not having the necessary trust between their peers to openly reflect on personal challenges, self-doubts and the potentials they see but don't yet know how to actualize. This yields a sense of isolation and a lack of generative spaces for reflection, growing new ways of thinking, and honing new leadership skills. 

Our coaching provides the supportive and challenging space where our clients can generatively engage their organizational demands in ways that catalyze their leadership to the next level.

"Gabriel is a master of instilling courage during the most difficult of moments through his unique style. Gabriel's presence, pursuit of progress and fearlessness is what makes this transformative work possible."

Ahmad Wright, Assistant Dean and Associate Director of BEAM, Stanford 




Team Dynamics Coaching

In a world of increasing global competition and complexity, teams are being more and more relied upon by organizations to rapidly learn, adapt and excel. 

DD works with teams to:

  • Establish clear ground rules, roles, and responsibilities with measurable outcomes.

  • Grow deeper psychological safety.

  • Cultivate nimbleness in working with fear and unconscious bias.

  • More effectively resolve conflicts for generative outcomes.

  • Create supportive structures for individual members to overcome resistance to change.

  • Establish a rich learning environment for individual and organizational development.

"What I appreciate about Gabe's skill is that he can hold and honor multiple perspectives in the room and attendants, while tracking his own. He has a candor that makes participants feel immediately comfortable, a sixth-sense of knowing where the energy is at all times to ensure everyone's taken care of, and a poise that builds immediate trust and security. He asks the right questions, at the right time, which is something you just can't teach people! He's a natural."

Roshanda Cummings, Community Catalyst at Impact Hub Oakland




Training Intensives & Speaking Engagements

Training intensives give leadership and employees reference points for how limiting their current ways of working can be and, in contrast, how effective and powerful their collaborations can become. 

The trainings are experiential and powerfully complemented with live demonstrations and unique “pointing out” instructions, making the group dynamics more visible to everyone. Like a sports team reviewing the last play on the sidelines, participants will have the opportunity to freeze frame and zoom in and out on their leadership performance, work challenges and opportunities play-by-play.

We specialize in:

Freedom and Fairness: Integral Diversity Training

"This workshop was the most powerful D&I experience I have ever had. Gabe and his team did a terrific job holding and cultivating an unpredictable space and created the conditions for a truly remarkable outcome. It deeply touched my heart and expanded my perspectives. I highly recommend this workshop for those who authentically care about diversity and want to dive deep into the conversations that matter most."

Adam Leonard, Executive Development, Google

Design Your Culture: Design Thinking and Culture Design Training

"This workshop compassionately and firmly invites folks to show up, go within themselves, acknowledge blinders and change their world views in ways that are attuned to new internal and social insights."

Matthew Abrams, Consultant and Founder, Mycelium

Speaking Engagements & Conference Facilitation

"Even in a room of 300 people Gabe shows up with incredible presence and a gentle command of each of his interactions. He is super accessible as a facilitator, which enables him to make challenging topics like D&I more accessible to everyone. He did an excellent job of keeping everyone in sync, even when disagreement or discomfort arose, and held the attention of the room - leaving people wanting more. There was huge learning for our community and I'm so grateful we had Gabe with us to discuss and model the potentials of D&I work!"

Dara Blumenthal, PhD, Head of Strategy and Culture, Live Grey